Memories of my life and my subsequent journey as a vegan

August 15, 2014

I have returned to the world of blogging after an absence of over 2years as a Vegan

I've been absent from my blog for more than two years.Some changes have happened in my life during this time.Over the past year I have become a vegan.Prior to this I was mainly following a vegetarian/flexitarian diet.The reason I became a vegan is because I have come to realize that it is unjust for humans to enslave animals and kill them for food, clothing or other uses.My brother had been a vegetarian for many years and he has been promoting veganism,vegetarianism and awareness of animal rights through facebook.I think he has been the greatest influence on me deciding to become a vegan.In Sri Lanka vegans are still a rare bunch compared to the West.But it would be easy to be vegan in Sri Lanka as the Sri Lankan diet has many vegetarian options which also happen to be vegan.In a Western country such as the US or  countries in Europe there is really no excuse not to be vegan as it is becoming more mainstream to be vegan.

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