Memories of my life and my subsequent journey as a vegan

June 29, 2009

Miniature clay cooking pots

When I was about six I used to go to Colombo from Peradeniya with my Dad to get my eyes checked at the Vision House in Colombo. Most times we caught the train to Colombo leaving in the morning and catching the train back in the afternoon. Sometimes, my Dad used to drive to Colombo in our light blue fiat car. One time my we stopped by Kalagedihena which is the stretch of road where they sell clay pottery and my Dad bought me my own set of earthenware mini cooking pots. On another trip he bought me another set of mini pots made of aluminium.
One of our household helpers at the time was a girl from a village in Hunnasgiriya. Sometimes when she cooked lunch I used to ask her to put a portion of the curry in one of my little pots and cook it with firewood in my little hearth which she had made out of clay for me.

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